Setup overview

AlgebraKiT exposes its core functionality and the front end widgets as a RESTful web service. The look and feel of these widgets can be configured to match the visual style of your LMS.

The life-cycle of an exercise is as follows:

  1. Create session: New sessions are initialized from your LMS’ backend. The exercise is defined from an Exercise Definition or from a reference to such an Exercise Definition in AlgebraKiTs CMS. AlgebraKiT replies with a session id.
  2. Insert widget: The LMS inserts the widget in its web page through a dedicated tag and supplies the session id as an attribute.
  3. Session events: The widget takes care of initializing itself and communicating with AlgebraKiT for evaluation, hints and feedback.
  4. Collect results: The LMS uses the session id to get the session results from AlgebraKiT. This can be done directly after the session or any time later on.

This approach guarantees that no ‘confidential’ information, such as the exercise’s answer, is sent to the front end. In addition, the amount of data that is sent back and forth between front and back end is minimal.

Web page

The script widgets.min.js exposes the frontend API in the global object AlgebraKIT. The call to AlgebraKIT.injectWidgets() replaces AlgebraKiT tags such as <akit-exercise> with the correct interaction.

This is a minimal setup; see the frontend API documentation to read more about configuration, listening to events and sending commands.

      ...  <!-- Whatever your page contains... -->

      <!--Insert an AlgebraKiT question here -->
      <akit-exercise session-id="{id}" app-id="{id}"></akit-exercise>

      ...  <!-- Whatever your page contains... -->

      <!--Load main widget functionality -->
      <script href=""></script>
      <script> <!--Create widgets. -->


The definition of an AlgebraKiT question is called an Exercise Definition. It applies to randomized and non-randomized exercises and to all interaction types. These Exercise Definitions can be stored in your own content store and sent to AlgebraKiT to create a new session. However, we think it is better to keep this data in AlgebraKiT’s store and only store a reference to it in your resources.

AlgebraKiT questions are authored from our CMS. You can define your own questions to create interactive versions of the existing exercises in your learning resources. You can also arrange multilevel randomized exercises from the many exercise scripts we have already available.

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