The widgets fall into two categories:
  1. Interactions or exercises that interact with the student. All interaction types use the tag akit-exercise.
  2. Presentation widgets that display mathematical content, such as worked-out solutions or graphs. Each widget has its dedicated tag.

General options for interactions

<akit-exercise app-id="..." session-id="..."></akit-exercise>
app-id Id of the application using AlgebraKiT. You get this id with your license.
session-id A session represents a single user solving a single exercise. You obtain the session id by calling AlgebraKiT’s web service from your backend.
start-active If this attribute is set, the exercise is immediately activated after it is created. This means that the session is started and a palette with buttons is visible. Only one exercise can be active at any time, so the attribute is neglected on any following widgets in the same page. Default value is 'false'
show-instruction When set to 'false' the instruction text and expression is hidden. This allows the client application to display the instruction. Default value is 'true'
show-hints When set to 'false' the hint button is hidden. Default value is 'true'

Multistep Derivation

This widget allows the student to solve a single mathematical problem, such as eg. an equation, differentiating an expression, rewriting an expression or calculating with fractions. See also the demo.

<akit-exercise app-id="..." session-id="..."></akit-exercise>

Inline Math

This widget (demo) has the same functionality as Multistep Derivation, but is meant to be used inside running text. Just include the inline attribute to change from MultiStep Derivation to Inline Math.

<akit-exercise app-id="..." session-id="..." inline></akit-exercise>

Arithmetic Notebook

This widget displays the notebook to solve a word problem, including progress bar. The main exercise text can be included or left out if your LMS takes care of it. See also the demo.

<akit-exercise app-id="..." session-id="..."></akit-exercise>

Multiple Choice

A general multiple choice question. The added value of AlgebraKiT with respect to general multiple question interactions is the ability to randomize the question and the options.

<akit-exercise app-id="..." session-id="..."></akit-exercise>


This widget displays the worked-out solution to a mathematical problem.

<akit-derivation-compact app-id="..." session-id="..."></akit-derivation-compact>

A more extended layout of the worked-out solution is also available.

<akit-derivation app-id="..." session-id="..."></akit-derivation>

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